The Toronto LRT Information Page

This transit advocacy site has two main goals:

  • Promote the implemention of the appropriate mode of transit for various corridors in and around the GTHA.
    As the name implies, there is a significant emphasis on Light Rail Transit, but that is because within much of the GTHA, LRT is best suited to supply higher-order suburban transit needs. Where appropriate, subway technology is promoted on this site.
  • Promote a more equitable fare structure across different transit operators within the GTHA.
    Fare equity involves as simple a system as possible that strikes a balance between charging based on the
    length of a journey while still attracting longer-distance commuters to transit.

All opinions are welcome on our Blog, even if it differs with the site's general point
of view. However, we reserve the right to delete deragatory comments.

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Image: FLEXITY Freedom Light Rail Vehicle by Bombardier Transportation

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