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return to Toronto LRT Information Page From January 21, 2010 to March 21, 2010 the City of Vancouver, in partnership with Bombardier Transportation, will showcase a modern streetcar service. The project will further enhance TransLink’s regional transit system and to provide a high-capacity transit link between the new Olympic Village Canada Line station and Granville Island.
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The Olympic Line demonstrates the use of a former railway right of way and the use of Bombardier's Flexity Outlook vehicles.

Photo by Bombardier Transportation
Flexity Outlook LRV in Brussels
System Highlights

Number of lines:


Total length:

1.8 km

Total stations:


Loading: Low floor
Fleet: 2 Flexity Outlook LRVs from Bombardier
  on loan from Brussels, Belgium
Fleet details: Seats 50 passengers, room for 128 standing
  32 m long
  4 double sliding/plug doors per side (1.3 m wide)
  70 km/h top speed
  Low floor for 100% of seating space and doors
Fare collection: Service will be free for the trial period
Airport service: East end of line will connect with Canada Line to airport
Opening: January 21, 2010 (until March 21, 2010)


This temporary project is being called a streetcar line, despite the fact that it does not run in a street anyhere along its route.

The city of Vancouver is interested in expanding this further in the future, and this expansion will involve street running, but for now it is completely on its own right of way.

There currently exists a heritage streetcar operation between Granville Island and Science World. The western end of this is being upgraded for the Olympic Line operation.


As this line is currently under construction, a description of the ride is not available, but here is a description of the route:

Pedestrian bridge over right of way east of Granville Island Station.

The west end of the line is at the Grandville Island station, located below the approach ramps to the Grandville Bridge. The line is located on a former railway right of way and tracks continue west of the station, crossing a road at grade, but upgrading of the line ends at the west end of the station platform.

The line follows Lamey's Mill Road on its south side east from the terminus. A few hundred metres to the east, there is a pedestrian bridge over the line to provide access to an area near West 4th Avenue. This bridge was already in place for the former railway right of way and is wide enough for a double track line as the former railway had two tracks from this point eastward until Alder Cross.

Looking east from the end of the line at Grandville Island Station

Looking east from Alder Cross overpass.

Looking east from Alder Cross overpass.
The west end of the passing siding can be seen in the distance.

Continuing east, Lamey's Mill Road climbs in elevation to meet Alder Cross, which crosses over the right of way. A second station is to be placed in this area, however at this time there is no signage or platform in place.

A short distance east of Alder Cross is the west end of the passing siding. At this point, the siding is controlled by manual ground throws.

At this time, the overhead wiring has been hung by rope until hangers are installed.

The passing siding is a couple of hundred metres long.

A few hundred metres further east, the line crosses Moberly Road with a level crossing, signalled as a railway crossing.

On the east side of Moberly Road is the thrid station, Leg-In-Boot Station. This station has a sign in place and its platform is roughed in. This location is adjacent to a bus loop, providing a transfer point to other services.

Looking west from the east end of the passing siding.

At the east end of the single stall garage sits an ex-Brussels PCC streetcar.

A short distance east of Leg-In-Boot Station, there is a branch to a storage track with a single-stall garage.

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A short distance further east just before reaching Cambie Street brings the line behind what will be the Olympic Village station on the new Canada Line that runs between downtown Vancouver and Richmond and the airport.

East end of line at Olympic Village station on Canada Line

Looking east towards Olympic Village Station

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