Post Your Comments on the VivaNext blog

Last week, a reader by the name of Jordan posted a comment on this blog announcing the new blog on the VivaNext site. In his comment, he did not identify himself as an employee of York Region Rapid Transit Corporation, but he did so in a similar comment he posted on Metronauts.

March 25 update: It took several days, but comments posted since March 20 finally appeared on the VivaNext blog. My comment even appeared without editing, so it appears to me that this is being run as an open forum for the sharing of ideas. I will continue to follow what is posted and will continue to add my own comments. I encourage others to do the same.

One Response to “Post Your Comments on the VivaNext blog”

  1. Jordan Says:

    Cal’s comment: This comment was posted to an unrelated discussion with an apologetic opening sentence. I have moved it here (and removed the apology) as its content is related to this post…

    We thought everyone might like to know about our current contest – daily prizes and an iPod nano grand prize! Visit for details.

    We at vivaNext just wanted to thank you for reading our blog, posting comments and encouraging others to do the same. It’s truly appreciated because with greater public involvement comes a better transit system.

    Have a great weekend!