Don’t Forget Hamilton

I was contacted this week by David Couture of Hamilton Light Rail, for which I have since added a link on the main page of this site. I told him I have been a bit remiss in changing my GTAs to GTHAs, and had very little on this site about LRT plans for Hamilton. I noted that my ability to gather such information is somewhat limited, so I rely on people closer to the situation to pass things on to me. This is why I am adding this posting: if anyone has any new information on anything LRT (or transit in general - fare integration is a bit topic with me!), then by all means pass it on to me. Either a comment to a blog entry, or directly in an email to

One Response to “Don’t Forget Hamilton”

  1. W. K. Lis Says:

    What about the Region of Waterloo’s Rapid Transit? They seem to be dragging their feet on updated information, like nothing seems to be happening there compares to Toronto.

    Cal’s comment: Another omission on my part! My fare integration ideas would at least apply to any area that GO service reaches and this is one area that GO will be increasing its reach to over the next few years.