Sheppard East LRT - Study Completion

The TTC has released a notice of study completion on theĀ  Sheppard East LRT for Transit City. You can view the document here. The decision about whether to haveĀ  an LRT connection with the subway at Don Mills or to extend the subway to Consumers for the LRT connection has yet to be made.

One Response to “Sheppard East LRT - Study Completion”

  1. Amina Says:

    What ever happened to the Sheppard E line extending to Durham? Meadowvale isn’t in the Durham region.

    Cal’s comment: While an extension to Durham might one day be in the cards for the Sheppard East line, it has never been in the plans so far. The originally proposed Sheppard East line when Transit City was first announced had the line going only as far as Morningside. Partly from the initial public sessions held, and partly because the likely location of a carhouse will be between Morningside and Meadowvale, the plan for the line was extended to Meadowvale.