Transit Station Parking Lots

I’m not going to get into discussions about whether parking should be free or not, since this site is primarily about the promotion of LRT as a transit option. I have stated that a benefit of LRT provides an intermediate level of transit that has the benefit of reducing the overall total need for parking spaces at transit stations and can eliminate the need for mega-parking lots where parking is still necessary.

The issue of free parking has been done on a number of sites, but on one a comment was made that would be interesting to investigate further. Without identifying who said it, the comment about users of subway station parking was:

Many of them at locations like Finch don’t even use the TTC and are buying passes as cheap parking.

I questioned this statement, not because I was trying to shoot down the author’s argument, but because it was the sort of statement that the author would not accept from anyone else without some facts and figures to back it up. This particular author is good with providing facts and figures, and I thought it odd that such a statement would be made without back up, and asked for many to be defined. In the context of  a subway station parking lot, I could see 5% as being many, but I could also see others using a higher figure, perhaps as high as 45%, to mean many.

I could never say that no one was purchasing a Metropass for the parking space only, but just how rampant is this? Please comment if you know of someone, or have even heard of someone, who does this. It seems to me that if as little as 1% of some group is doing something out of the ordinary, there tends to be a great number of the population at large who “knows someone”, has “heard of someone”, or knows of a “sister’s dentist’s uncle’s mechanic’s brother” who does it.

I haven’t been hearing of this problem - have you?

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  1. Raffi Says:

    My best guess is that there may be some very few people who do this, but even they would be the ones who regularly use their parking for work but then decide that one day they have to do something near the transit station and realize that they can park their car there…

    I don’t think its a consistent thing.

    Cal’s comment: Don’t forget that outside of weekdays, many of the TTC’s parking lots were free for anyone. I don’t believe that it is as rampant as the original comment suggested, but am baffled as to why it was not addressed.