Eglinton-Crosstown LRT EA Open Houses

Eglinton-Crosstown LRT

August 19 update: the presentation materials are are now available. Click here to see them (1.5 Mb).  I stopped by the open house in Leaside tonight and there was a good turn out. Steve Munro has written a good summary of the materials on his site, so I won’t post a repeat of what he had to say.

I did hand in comments encouraging flexible connections with the other TC lines (Jane, Don Mills, and Scarborough-Malvern) as eventually usage patterns will make certain interlining possibilities a necessity, at least during rush hours.

I also encouraged careful consideration of potential connections with GO transit near Weston Road (Georgetown line), Caledonia (Barrie line), and east of the 404 (Richmond Hill line). I strongly suspect that some, if not all, potential GO stations may become reality even before the LRT construction is completed.

Original post  and other update follows…

The first-round open houses for the EA on the Eglinton-Crosstown LRT will be held on:

  • August 14 (Forest Hill Memorial Arena, 340 Chaplin Crescent)
  • August 19 (Leaside Arena, 1073 Millwood Road)
  • August 25 (Humber Valley United Church, 76 Anglesey Boulevard)
  • August 27 (Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre [Formerly the Mid Scarborough Community Centre] 2467 Eglinton Ave  East)

August 8 update: the city has added a fifth open house for this line. It will be held on:

  • September 4 (Richview Baptist Church, 1548 Kipling Avenue, just north of Eglinton Avenue W.)

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