What’s Up With the Eglinton-Crosstown LRT?

Eglinton-Crosstown LRTThere has been a lot of buzz lately about what will happen with this Transit City line. Discussions on whether this line should have its tunnelled section built to subway standards have occurred, including on this blog (in this post about building the Sheppard East line to Don Mills).

Though their report has been delayed to the fall, Metrolink is pushing for some sort of metro line, either a full subway, or possibly an east-west crosstown extension of the Scarborough RT line (upgraded to ICTS ART Mark II cars). Steve Munro posted an entry on July 24 regarding these two views. In response to discussions around the ridership levels proposed for Eglinton, he posted another entry on July 27.

Now, in today’s Globe and Mail, John Barber writes today about how this bickering is getting us nowhere towards getting some form of rapid transit on this important line.

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