Leaving Comments

I would like to encourage more comments on topics posted here, whether you agree or disagree with points made on this site. While it is nice to receive comments from people supporting Light Rail, I am interested in reasons why people are either against or simply apprehensive about LRT. One of the purposes of this site is to provide information on the benefits of LRT can be more effective than subway expansion. It is helpful to know where the concerns are.

I have recently added the need to enter a code word to post a comment. If you think spam email is an issue, just start a blog and see what kind of spam comments you start getting. Up until now, I have simply turned off the ability for people to post comments on a topic after a certain amount of time. This was working reasonably well, as the bots that go searching for blogs to post spam to were more or less selecting older topics, but this has recently been changing.

If you get an image that you cannot see the whole word (this occasionally happens), before you type your comment press your browser’s refresh button and the page will be redrawn. When typing in the code word, you may type it in upper- or lower-case characters.

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