Need Federal Funding? Just Take It Indirectly!

I must be very busy in my day-to-day activities to have not realized this sooner, but having seen nothing in the local media either, I can only conclude that I am not alone…

On January 1, YRT adjusted fares. Well, they raised fares, but not all fares, and not all by the same amount.

Cash fares went up to $3.00, a 9.1% increase from $2.75; Adult tickets went up to $24.00/10, a 4.3% increase from $23.00; and Adult monthly passes went up to $95, an 11.8% increase from $85; all other tickets and passes were unchanged!

Why are monthly pass users being “punished”? Anyone actually paying cash for each fare actually see about the same $10 increase per month, assuming 20 round-trip commutes per month, but the ticket-buying customer only sees a $4 increase. Of course, the pass user gets the tax credit (as long as they have a taxable income by the end of the year).

Oh yes, the federal tax credit. On an $85 pass last year, this results in a credit of $12.75 to the rider.

What YRT has said essentially is, “If the federal government won’t give us any additional money, then we will grab it $10 per month per pass user out of the tax credit.” Of course, with a $95 pass, the credit will now be $14.25, so they’ve only grabbed $8.50 from the pockets of their loyal pass users.

Way to go, YRT!

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