GO Transit: Off By One Day

I noticed this announcement:

Starting Tuesday, November 1, GO Transit is responding to passengers who asked for more stops along the 71 Uxbridge - Union route. Starting that day, both north- and southbound buses drop off or pick up passengers on Tenth Line at Sleepy Hollow Lane, beside the entrance to the Sleepy Hollow Golf and Country Club. The new stops are just north of Lincolnville GO Station.

Is is just me, or wouldn’t this be more appropriate if it were to start on Monday October 31 (Hallowe’en)?

One Response to “GO Transit: Off By One Day”

  1. W. K. Lis Says:

    Making it start on the 1st of the month instead of on a Monday sounds like a typical bureaucrat decision. Someone without experience in the field made this decision.

    Cal’s comment: Either that, or they wanted to avoid any headless horsemen from boarding! ;-)