Who Says Light Rail Doesn’t Attract Development?

Sometimes attraction for development is used as an argument for subways over LRT. The silly thing about this argument is that there are many other factors that come into play, and LRT can be just as effective as full subway construction at attracting new development.

While in Denver last week, I came across this sign at the side of a road near the Dayton LRT station…

One Response to “Who Says Light Rail Doesn’t Attract Development?”

  1. W. K. Lis Says:

    As the price of crude oil goes up, the price of gasoline will go up. This will result in more people looking for residences (and work) near transit, and the better locations are near the transit oriented development near light rail.

    Cal’s comment: I should add that the Dayton station in Denver opened in November 2006 and these condos have been built since that time.