Watermain Break Halts Subway Operation: A Reason To Never Build Subways!

This morning, the Bloor-Danforth subway line was shut down between Woodbine and Broadview because of a broken watermain near Greenwood station. Since water has a tendency to flow downhill, it made its way to the subway tunnels where its level quickly reached the height of the third rail.

That is sarcasm, in case it is not obvious, so please don’t add comments about why this is so wrong (LRT can be underground; subways can use overhead power, etc.), unless you are making a satirical point.

My intent was to throw out the sort of stupid argument that often comes from subway-or-nothing types when trying to shoot down LRT. That’s not to say there are no stupid arguments made in favour of LRT, just that one must consider that not all arguments should be taken at face value.

2 Responses to “Watermain Break Halts Subway Operation: A Reason To Never Build Subways!”

  1. W. K. Lis Says:

    Paraphrasing: “Streetcars get blocked whenever there is an incident. Replace with buses.”

    Therefore, since the heavy rail subway was blocked by an incident, like a flood, they should be replaced by buses, using the same reasoning.

    Very simplistic.

  2. Jacob Louy Says:

    I agree with you. We shouldn’t consider rarities like accidents before the merits of the technology. And every technology has its weakness.