An Extension to the Vaughan-Spadina Subway Extension?!?

Vaughan mayoral candidate Mario Racco, who was involved in landing the deal to bring the subway to the Jane/Highway 7 area, has the brilliant idea that this should be extended to Major Mackenzie Drive. According to an article in The Liberal, “he now thinks Vaughan Mills, Canada’s Wonderland, and a planned hospital mean it should be extended to Major Mackenzie Drive.”

Once again, we have more politicians who are little more than kids running wild in a toy store wanting to have what they see on display.

As if Racco is not enough, check out Markham Ward 2 candidate Marlene Gallyot: She would like to see the still-hypothetical subway extension on Yonge extended to Major Mackenzie Drive as well.

I remind all once again that the capacity requirements in this area do not warrant spending on subway-capacity infrastructure. For the same price of building subway from Steeles to Highway 7, we could build an LRT line as far north as Elgin Mills Road. This includes an underground same platform level connection with a subway extension to Steeles, as well as a 1 km tunnel under Yonge for the portion north of Major Mac that does not have space for a surface line! Watch for an updated version of my York Region proposals coming soon.

3 Responses to “An Extension to the Vaughan-Spadina Subway Extension?!?”

  1. W. K. Lis Says:

    It would make better sense for Vaughan to look into creating their own version of a light rail rapid transit network, that’s network and not just a route. At the same time, they would have to rewrite their zoning for Vaughan for a more dense and transit oriented development. Vaughan must first change their zoning so that the development can support any kind of rapid transit.

  2. k Says:

    Wow it’s funny that a city that is so fixated on there cars and single detached home would want a subway line all the way up to Major Mack. but hey why stop there. they should keep going and build it to Barrie and then ThunderBay. Oh and then we could name some of the station after local farmers becaue thats were most of the stations would be anyways right. Oh man I can’t wait till they build this new line. We could re name the Young University line too. The Younge, University, Spadina, York University, York Region, Barrie, Thunder Bay line.

    Cal’s comment: If built to Thunder Bay, it could end at the CanCar plant and we could save on the shipping cost of new subway cars!

  3. Rita Says:

    what can we do to get this moving into the rezoning phase … i want to live to ride the train all the way to lakeshore from Dufferin/Major Mack
    or get to work from Yonge/Major Mack to Victoria park/401 in 20 minutes instead of 90 minutes one way

    how do we make it happen

    Cal’s comment: How do we make the subway happen? We don’t, at least not until a complete DRL is built (I’m presently supporting the eastern portion initially). How do we make VIVA LRT happen? We keep hounding our politicians.