Etobicoke-Finch West LRT Public Meeting: Humber College Alignment

There will beĀ one public meeting dealing with the proposed alignment of the Etobicoke-Finch West LRT at Humber College. Specifically, it involves an official plan amendment dealing with the portion of the line from the intersection of Highway 27 and Humber CollegeĀ Boulevard to a terminal at the campus of Humber College located at 203 to 207 Humber College Boulevard.

It will be at City Hall Council Chamber (100 Queen West) on June 16, 2010. The time will be at 10:15 am, or as soon as possible thereafter. Detailed information regarding the proposal, including background information and material and a copy of the proposed Official Plan Amendment may be obtained by contacting Mike Wehkind at 416-392-8572, or by email at

I will post a copy of the notice when one becomes available electronically, or when I scan in the hard copy I have.

One Response to “Etobicoke-Finch West LRT Public Meeting: Humber College Alignment”

  1. Pat Ryan Says:

    What another joke this is . I have not learned from the St Clair fiasco that this kind of system does not work in Toronto, and will just cause more congestion on our city strees where it is not need. I live in the Finch and Islington area, and the buses that run along the Finch route in this area are just fine. Putting in an LRT route , which will block the middle of the roadway, hindering left turns at streets that dont have lighting,and also hindering the emergency responce time of police, fire, and ems, is nothing shy of chaos ! In case the politicians of this city have not noticed, our city streets are congested enough, and LRT routes only add to this congession, again, just look at St.Clair and the mess that is going on there.

    Cal’s comment: The lessons that should be learned from St. Clair apply equally to subway construction as they do to LRT construction. A LRT line in a median on a road results in MORE space for cars because buses are removed from the street while the LRT takes space that is not currently available for cars. Emergency response time can be IMPROVED by allowing emergency vehicles to make use of the reserved right of way.

    Specifically for Finch West, while the buses that are there now can carry the load (some who use them may argue that point), they will not be able to continue to do so in the future.

    This city needs and can support an underground transit system like the subways that have been proposed by Rob Ford, with all the vehicles on our roadways, it only makes for common sence to scrap any plans of an LRT route .

    The only corridor in this city that is in need of and can support a subway is the Downtown Relief Line. Any suggestion of a subway anywhere else in the city at this time is a kin to a cardiac surgeon placing a band-aid on a pimple of a patient suffering a heart attack.