SRT/SELRT Connection Recommended to be Underground

At its meeting of May 17, 2010, the City of Toronto Executive Committee recommended that Toronto City Council approve the Scarborough Rapid Transit (SRT) project with an underground service connection to the Sheppard Avenue East Maintenance and Storage Facility. Further details with a map showing the connection track are on this document.

The connection involves a single track in the middle of the tracks on Sheppard starting about half way between Washburn Way and Gateforth Drive and descending into a portal about half way between Gateforth Drive and the top platform for the connection. The converted and extended SRT will pass under Sheppard Avenue at this stop and the connecting track will form a wye with the east (northbound) track of the SRT.

Unfortunately, this connection design eliminates any possibility of future interlining between the two routes. The one thing that may be possible would be to allow out of service SRT trains to continue in revenue service along Sheppard as they head for the car-house, as they do in Melbourne.

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