Notice of Completion: Environmental Project Report

Eglinton-Crosstown LRTThe City of Toronto and the TTC have completed an Environmental Project Report on the Eglinton-Crosstown LRT. A copy of the official notice can be seen here.

The 30-day review period started March 12 and runs to April 11. See the notice for the list of locations where the report may be viewed.  It will be officially available online only until April 11, but I have placed a copy of it here (with file sizes in parenthesis):

There are also three volumes of appendices (in 44 parts!). I expect to add them here, but for now you can go to the official link.

I have a few reservations about their conclusions and am considering submitting these in writing over the next couple of weeks. I will update this post before I forward them.

One Response to “Notice of Completion: Environmental Project Report”

  1. Tom West Says:

    Any chnace you give page numbers for each section? I look at the table of contents, and I have no way of figuring which file (for example) section 3.4 is.


    Cal’s comment: Good suggestion - I have added this to the list above.