Councillor Spatafora Uses Photo From This Site

I was going to post about this when it first came out in early December, but I thought I would wait until an electronic version was available.
Regional and local councillor Vito Spatafora made use of an image originally from this site in his Fall-Winter 2009-2010 newsletter. While¬†credit for the image would have been nice, it is not necessary as this site’s copyright notice allows the non-commercial use of photos and diagrams created by myself (hold you mouse over a¬†photo or image on a non-blog page and a tool-text will appear telling you if it was me, the page author, or someone else).

VIVA LRT Rendering on Yonge

I can’t speak for his position on LRT development, aside from the Don Mills/Leslie extension of the Transit City Don Mills line. I have sent him a message through his website (my email bounces when sent to the Town of Richmond Hill) but have yet to hear a reply.

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