Contributions Always Welcome

I cannot express enough thanks when I receive contributions to this site. Sometimes they come in the form of pointing out errors or providing updated information. All of these help in trying to keep information that is up-to-date and useful for everyone.

Occasionally, I get contributions that are quite substantial. The Calgary page was quite low on content until Aman Hayer contacted me an offered to take more photos of the system.

Recently, I was contacted by James Greenhalgh who provided me with new photos for the Dallas page and the Buffalo page. I finished the update of the Dallas page in the past week, and will be doing the same for the Buffalo page soon. In addition to this, James had material for a couple of new cities that were not already featured on this site. He offered to create the entire pages for these and I am pleased to announce that the first such page is now online: San Diego.

Once again, many thanks to James and Aman, and all the others who have contacted me with updates and corrections.

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