Project Mascots

I’m a little tardy at bringing this up, as it comes from a story dating back to March 2008.

In Pittsburgh, the Port Authority of Alleghney County is currently constructing a 1.2 mile extension of their LRT system (”The T”) to the north shore of the Allegheny River. This extension will add two stations north of a 2200 foot long under-river tunnel. Naturally, tunnelling is very expensive option, but given the surrounding environment, is the only viable option.

The project will be useful beyond its use as a shuttle for Pirates and Steelers fans as quite a few nightlife opportunities will be served by this. In the long term, this small extension can open up further extensions to the north of downtown Pittsburgh that would not otherwise be possible. The entire LRT system currently serves only areas south of downtown.

With the construction starting last year on the tunnel the Port Authority’s newsletter had an article on the project that included an image of what could be described as a mascot.

While this may have an element of appeal for some of the public, at least before it is seen as hackneyed by most, I certainly would not want to see any funding that could otherwise go towards transit improvements be spent on having a mascot designed. We all know far too much gets wasted already.

With that in mind, I propose that there be an unofficial mascot for projects. With the Spadina/Vaughan Subway extension most unfortunately underway, along with the Sheppard East LRT just starting, the VIVA rapidways about to start, and the Finch and Eglinton-Crosstown LRT projects not too far from starting, how about coming up with some ideas for mascots on these projects? If can come up with something and scan it into electronic format (if no actually created that way), send it here and I’ll post what I receive for all to see. The only remuneration will be credit (or blame) for what you draw!

2 Responses to “Project Mascots”

  1. W. K. Lis Says:

    I think that squirrels would be a good mascot for the LRT lines. Maybe with a different coloured hardhats, if they have been assigned yet.

    Cal’s comment: I can just see a bunch of squirrels all being chased around by Barney the Safety Beaver!

    Some were suggesting that Pittsburgh’s tunnel mascot was a weasel, with obvious political undertones in that suggestion. It may be a badger, since a male badger is called a boar (pun likely intended).

  2. Tom West Says:

    It’s not a weasal - it’s a ferret. They’re stoatly different.

    Cal’s comment: Interesting reference!