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Changes Coming to This Site

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

My apologies to those who check back here regularly looking for new information, since few new additions have been made recently. That will change over the next few weeks.

One change will be a significant update to the York Region Options page. The Spadina Subway extension is underway, so there is no point in in dwelling on what could have been done with the funds. Since there has been no commitment in the funding of a Yonge Subway extension to Richmond Hill, and since its cost is somewhat more than I had anticipated in my analysis of what could be done with that money, a new look at this is in order.

I also expect to have another city added to this site after next week. I won’t yet say which city, but suffice it to say it is a good example of LRT that operates in both its own right of way and in full mixed traffic. Oh, and it provides airport access as well!