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Open House on New LRV Maintenance Facility

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

A comment was left by “Andrea N” on the “Eglinton-Crosstown LRT Open Houses” topic that reminded me that I had missed posting about open houses for the LRV maintenance facility to be constructed in the portlands for the new streetcar fleet. I have moved the comment to this post and it appears below.

The third open house will be held tonight (June 18) at 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm at the Fire & EMS Academy at 895 Eastern Avenue. For more details on this, see this page.

Here is the comment:

Highly oppose the depot for the Light Rail Transit at Eastern Ave.

Out of 6 locations (5 south of Lakeshore), the Eastern Avenue depot is the only one that is within 100 metres of residential housing. The options being considered have now (in the 4 days since I received the notice in the mail) been narrowed to 3. One of these options continues to be the Eastern Avenue location. The TTC is looking to rush this decision to the City Council meeting in July.

Please go to the June 18 meeting (6:30pm) at the EMS training center 895 Eastern Ave (East of Leslie at Knox) to get educated and hopefully you’ll agree to oppose the Eastern Avenue location

Scarborough-Malvern LRT EA Open House

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Scarborough-Malvern LRTTwo open houses for the EA on the Scarborough-Malvern LRT will be held on Monday June 29 at Scarborough Village Rec Centre, Intermission Room, 3600 Kingston Road.

The official notice of this meeting can be seen here.

Scarborough-Malvern LRT Plans

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Scarborough-Malvern LRTTwo open houses were recently held for the Scarborough-Malvern LRT line. I was unable to attend either open house, but there is a good write up on Steve Munro’s website. I have saved a copy of the display panels here (1.6 MB).

I won’t go into explaining all the details of the route, as you can check out the display panels for that. As this line will not be going to Malvern, a name change for it might be in order, perhaps the West Hill LRT?

I will comment on the connection with the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. The line makes a dog leg to connect with this major trip generator and one nice thing about this is that the line will leave a median right of way on Morningside Avenue south of the Highland Creek bridge. It will run on the east side of the road and over its own new bridge and remain on the side of the road up Morningside and along Ellesmere before returning to a median up Military Trail to Morningside and then up Morningside in a median. Hopefully, this alignment will take advantage of the lower cost ballasted tie construction and not be encased in concrete the whole way.

I do think that a better alignment would be to veer away from Morningside starting with the bridge over Highland Creek and cut through the woods. Here is the image from the display boards with my alignment added in yellow:

Sheppard East LRT Construction Begins

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Construction has begun on the Sheppard East LRT. Well, no big shovels yet, but service markings have been underway for the first stages of construction, particularly relocation of some services from Kennedy over to McCowan.

An article in today’s National Post talks of this work.

SRT Extension

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Scarborough RTI made it out to the open house on the extension plans for the SRT on Tuesday evening.

None of the display boards made mention of choice of technology, but on the hand-out materials, this question in the FAQ sectin on technology appeared:

Q. Could the entire SRT be replace with LRT technology?

A.  Yes, the SRT right of way (and existing stations) can be modified to accept LRT vehicles. This would require major changes to the existing stations and the replacement of the third rail with overhead power. This will require additional construction works and will significantly extend the period of service disruption and require shuttle service. A conversion to LRT has advantages as a consistent fleet and opportunities for centralized maintenance facilities.

I filled out a comment sheet that encouraged the conversion to LRT and make it part of the Transit City network.