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Pantographs Definately in Toronto’s Future

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

Back in December I wrote, “Are Pantographs the Future for the TTC?” I had indicated in an update that the TTC’s plans were to go with trolley poles on new vehicles to replace the existing fleet while vehicles for the Transit City lines would be powered by pantographs.

Steve Munro has reported on his site that the construction on Fleet Street involves a new form of overhead that appears to be compatible with both trolley poles and pantographs.  It appears that new overhead will be following this practice in anticipation of future vehicles.

I plan to be updating the Trolley Poles vs Pantographs pagewith some new photos that show this new installation along with photos of what makes the current system incompatible with pantographs.

London (Croydon) Page

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Another sudden trip gave me the chance today to spend about four hours travelling and photographing London’s tram system in Croydon. Part of Transport for London’s system that includes buses, the tube, and city trains, this LRT system exists where it was not deemed financially feasable to build tube lines.

Much of this system is on its own right-of-way and can be described as “true LRT.” Interestingly there are some single-track sections.

Look for the page for this shortly along with the Oslo page.